Friday, July 29, 2011

Less then one month left

Life has been busy.
 I started a new job 3 weeks ago and I now have to commute to work.
 It's been pretty stressful for me. The past few years I've lived so close to work. I was spoiled and now I have to drive 1 hour to get to work. It's been hard but so far I really like my new co-workers and job. I've had less time to work on anything wedding related. That has been one of my biggest challenges. Finding time to do wedding stuff! Today during my lunch break I worked on favors :)  I will say that I LOVE my iPhone or diPhone as I like to call it. I can check my e-mail and search for anything I need. Thank you JR for buying me my first diPhone. I'm addicted and I don't know what I would do with out it.  
Since the last time I blogged I am happy to announce that we finally finished the invitations. We have amazing friends!! They came over one night to help us put them together and it was such a huge help. I've learned that I am horrible at asking for help. I always feel so bad. I don't want to bother anyone or burden them in any way so I was just doing things by myself or with the help of JR. One Sunday our friend B offered to help us and recruited other friends to come over and help us. It was all done in about 2 hours. It was awesome!  Advice to all the Brides reading this....
Just ask for help.
 Ask me :) 
I really do love  helping with wedding and
 I would be more then happy to help out. 

 I would like to take the chance to apologize to those we were not able to invite. It was so hard figuring out our guest list. We had limited seating available at our venue and a tight budget. We do thank you for the continued support that everyone has given us and ask that you continue to support us.  
Please don't think that we don't value your friendship because we truly do.

Another big thing that has happened is WE FOUND A PLACE!!! I'm so excited! I move in about 2 weeks and JR will be moving in right after we get married. I can't wait to get things inside the house and getting it all organized and decorated. JR has started getting some things ready. He has a dresser and shelf he is currently staining so it looks nice in our new place :) 

 This is the Before and I'll post the after on my next post if he is finished with it. 

In other great news..... MOM is here :)
She flew in last week and has been staying with my sister
 She is happy to be here. She gets to see her cute grandchildren. 
My nephew was born last year and she never got the chance to meet him so that was nice that she gets to hold and cuddle with him now. 
He is such a cute baby!!  
All of my nieces and nephews are cute. My 2 adorable nieces are our flower girls and they LOVE the flower girl dresses they are so excitied that they are going to get to wear them at Tia's wedding :)  
If you ask  Lou Lou, my niece, what we are celebrating she will tell you 
"Tia's wedding"
 She also thinks every single bridal magazine and wedding dress is Tia's. 
Soon I will get to have 2 more nephews!! JR has 2 nephews now and they are so great! We really love them and enjoy spending time with them.

Well I have a busy weekend ahead of me. My bridal shower is tomorrow morning and I'm so excited. It's finally starting to hit me. I'm getting married!! I was telling my bridesmaids how It still hasn't really hit me that I'm getting married but I think by tomorrow morning it will all become real to me :)
I can't wait to become Mrs. R 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Venue

 When we first got engaged we started thinking about different places we can have the wedding. We decided on having it at the Pasadena Stake center. It's the Church building JR grew up attending. He was baptized in that building so it had special meaning. About a year or so ago they started some construction on the building. It was supposed to be finished in December but it wasn't. We thought that by August 27th it should be done. No problem, right?? Well its still not done :( Jorge and I decided that we can't take the risk of sending out invites and having to call everyone and tell them things have changed if the building wasn't finished. The building might be done by August 27th we just can't take the risk. We were very sad about this choice we made but we had to do it. We have plenty of buildings in our area. We had made a back up list of our favorite buildings. We started calling them. They were all booked :( Can you believe it!! Our back up's were booked!!
We started searching online for different locations and options. I made a list and started e-mailing and calling them for prices and availability.  Most of them were already booked. We are less then 2 months away and I knew this would probably happen. The places that were not booked were about $100 a head and parking was about $10-$20 a person and don't forget about the tip! 
 I was becoming very stressed and nervous. How am I going to pull off this wedding with out a location.
 I called a few more places and found some better prices and then stumbled across this hidden gem! I had attended a wedding there once already and knew it was nice. We booked a same day appointment to meet with one of the consultants. We were very impressed and so happy because they were available and local! 
What started out as a wedding nightmare turned into a wedding blessing! 

Now the reason I say that is because before we were basically doing a DIY wedding. I also had a lot of different vendors to deal with. Chairs, Linens, Flatware,Glassware, tenting, Dance floor and a bunch of other things you don't realize you need until you are planning a wedding.  At our new venue they offer almost everything. I wont be worried if the dance floor guy arrived on time and if it is setting up correctly or is the chair people brought the exact amount I need.
 The venue has everything !!
 I can take pictures in peace :) 

I was in tears trying to figure out what we were going to do and now I feel relief.
This also means our guest list is getting a lot tighter which makes us very sad. We only are able to have so many people inside our venue. We can't exceed a certain amount and I won't be able to get great deals on stuff like cider.
 Can you believe a bottle of cider costs $18.00!!
Yes it's true.
How I wish I could just go to Costco and pay $10 for 4 bottles.
Our venue doesn't allow any outside food or drinks. 
with the exception of out wedding cake.

So this is partly why I've been bad about blogging. 
I hope you understand.

Here is another engagement picture.

JR would take me for rides on his motorcycle across this bridge.
I LOVE this bridge and was so excited to take our engagement pictures on it!
We hope to go back and have some more pictures taken maybe after our wedding.
Isn't JR so handsome?
How did I get so lucky?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wedding, Wedding & More Wedding

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging at all!! My life has officially been consumed with this wedding. I can't believe it only 50 days away!! So I've been trying to finish up the invites and it's been very hard. I thankfully had some help on Sunday night. Thank you girls for coming over to help me tie all the ribbons.

 So this path month I have changed the location of the reception and finally had some engagement pictures taken. I have also decided on a date for my bridal shower and have finally started and almost finished the invites :) 

Sneak Peak 

What do you think?

JR and I love them and are so happy with the way everything turned out :) We have tons more and I'll have to upload it soon. Our friend Ty did these for us. We are so lucky to have her as a friend. She truly is amazing .
Thank you, Ty.
We LOVE you!

I will write some more soon. It's bed time :)