Saturday, March 17, 2012

Holiday 2011

It look's like I need to catch up on blogging
I had written out a catch up blog
It was perfect!!
 I had included all these pictures and then our power went out &
It wasn't just for a few hours.
We were without power for 5 days
It was so sad
This is what our neighborhood looked like 
This is all just houses away from us

We lost all our food in the refrigerator and freezer.
After I lost all the hard work I put into that post I kinda gave up.
This is my attempt to get into it again and continue to blog
Some of these pictures were taken on the diPhone and others on JR's camera.
 I'm sorry about the horrible quality of some of the pictures.

I will start the blogging with the Holidays

Halloween 2011

Thanksgiving 2011
We spent thanksgiving together.
Just us
Mr. & Mrs.
In our new home 
Something I have been learning to do since we have been married is cook.
Since we would be having thanksgiving at home that meant having to cook dinner
So I went to the store and they were sold out of turkey!! 
Even those little turkey slices!!!
We bought the next best thing
Here is our yummy dinner

Christmas 2011
Christmas was so much fun!!!
It was our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.
We bought our first tree and decorated it together.
We spent Christmas Eve with my siblings at my brothers house 
& then we came home to have our very own Christmas and exchange gifts with each other. 
We had so much fun watching each other open gifts.
 I made us Christmas themed pancakes for breakfast
We went to church in the morning and had lunch at Jorge's sister's house.
 Finished it off with Dinner at the Tia's house. 
We loved spending it with family.

New Years 2012

We spent NYE with our good friends.
Austen & Kaira are new parents to the cutest little boy.
We had a really great time hanging out and ringing in 2012!

I've spent holidays with JR before but spending is as husband and wife sure was great!
I love being married to this wonderful man
He is so good to me and I get to have him for eternity
How did I get so LUCKY!!!

Thank You JR for making the holiday's even better!!!
I Love you!

- The Mrs.

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