Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lost and Found

I found this old post that I thought I posted.
I found it labeled as a draft.
I decided to go ahead and post it since I thought it was pretty funny.
This is from November 2011.

The person up next to bat was really good.
The new girl just ate it on the way to home plate.
This is me after I fell

We started playing on a Co-ed softball team in Burbank with my work. 
It's been so much fun and I'm happy that we get to play. 
I love sports and I'm very competitive. 
Softball/Baseball is one sport that I have never really played before.
I really wanted to hit a home run but we all know that would never happen because
I am out of shape!

When I was up to bat I made it to 1st base. 
When the next person when up they hit the ball & I ran to 2nd as fast as I could. 
I was safe but the person who was up to bat didn't make it.

He went up and hit the ball so hard and I started running.

I was running as fast as I possibly could.
I touched 3rd and people are yelling at me to keep running so I keep going.
I see home plate and I'm excited because I've never made it to home before. 
I'm almost there and then something happens.
I don't know how it happened but the next thing I know I'm on the ground.
I fell before I made it home and I fell hard.
I can't believe that this is really happening. 
Of course I would fall while something amazing is about to happen.
I feel someone pick me up off the ground and basically carry me to home plate.
It was my co-worker who was up to bat and caught up to me.
He couldn't make it home until I did.
I can't stop laughing and my co-workers are cracking up but at the same time they all feel so bad for me.

I felt bad for JR. He must have been so embarrassed of his clumsy wife.

Story of my life!!!
My old roommates can probably tell you about the times I've either fallen down the stairs, ran into walls or
tripped on something.
You would think that because I fall so much that my body would have tough skin or something.
I bruise so easily it's sad.

After I fell

I was bleeding a lot so JR bandaged me up and we didn't get a picture of the scrap until about a week later

A week after. Still bruised and my scrape was healing nicely :)

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