Thursday, May 19, 2011

99 Days Left....

   It’s true. 
I have left the triple digits and entered the double digits. In exactly  99 days I will be marrying the man of my dreams.  I’m so excited but at the same time I keep thinking about all the things that still need to be done! Eeekkk!

  Screen shoot of the wedding counter app :) 

Dad Update.....

I've had people asking about my dad lately. I would first like to say thank you to everyone. Thank you for all the prayers, concerns and good thoughts. It means so much to me and to my family.
Well a month and a half ago my dad had an appointment with UCLA. My sister and I both went to the appointment with him since it was an all day type of appointment.  We met with different doctors and social workers t o explain the entire Kidney transplant/donor list .  Everything has pretty much gone as expected. His kidney function has gone down enough to be officially added to the transplant list.  UCLA was really great. They were so nice to us that day and for that I am so thankful. Since both my sister and I were with him they made sure to speak to all of us. They asked about our life and if we had any kids or if we were married.  The last doctor we met with was the medical director for the Kidney Transplant Program. He was very nice and while he was speaking to us he asked if we had any possible donors in mind. I raise my hand a bit and let him know that I would like to donate. He then asks me about my health and my age. The best part was that he looked at me and told me that I’m skinny and that I look fit & healthy.  I’m not going to lie, It made me feel good :) Who doesn’t want to be told that, RIGHT!?!?! Well anyways, he then starts to ask me some questions like if I have any children. I tell him I don’t and my sister and dad explain to him that I’m engaged and plan on getting married sometime this year. After a few more questions and overlooking our family health history he advises me that I shouldn’t donate. Our family history with Lupus is not so great. My sister was diagnosed a few years ago and we believe others in the family may also have the disease. Although I don’t show and signs of Lupus now, he said that I am still young and my health can change.   He also briefly explained that I may also encounter problems with conceiving in the future and other risks. That part was scary. He wants me to pull back and for us to look for other possible donors.   I really respected him for telling me all of this because I’m not his patient. My father, the man who needs a kidney is his patient but yet he still made sure I knew the risks that are involved and told me no and that I can’t donate right now.  Now for me this was hard. I felt like I was letting everyone down. I wanted this to be quick and fast for my dad. I don’t want him to have to go through dialysis or anything. My dad cried when the Dr. left the room. He told me how thankful he was that I was willing to do that for him. My dad from the beginning was scared for me. He didn’t want this to cause any future health problems for me and after the doctor looked at our family health history and shared his opinion he knew it was better that I don’t donate.  I was thankful that my family was very okay with it. I really did feel like I was letting everyone down.  When I started driving home I called JR and cried.  It was a hard day for me but at the same time I knew that I needed to take care of myself too.  I started thinking about how it’s not just my decision. I have a wonderful FiancĂ© who loves me so much. We will be one soon and we need to make sure we make these big decisions together. I’m just so happy that he always supports me :) In the end the doctors told us that my dad is on the list so that is really great news.  He is doing well and just 2 weeks ago he flew back home to Bolivia & he is happy to be home with my mom.  The doctors say that my dad has time. The rate that his kidneys are going should be fine for about a year. Thank goodness he doesn’t need to be put on dialysis right now.  I know things will work out EXACTLY the way they are meant to work out. I have such faith that the Lord will take care of everything. My family is Eternal. I will be 
with them forever! How amazing is that....I get to be with the people I love FOREVER!!

Los Angeles Temple 2008

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My FAVORITE Wedding Blogs

I've had some friends recently ask me about the wedding and a few wanted to know where I get my idea's. I thought I would write a post on it and add the links so it makes it easy for those who would like some AMAZING inspiration. 
These are the wedding blogs that have inspired me with my wedding. 
I check these blogs almost Daily. 
If you are engaged or plan on getting engaged soon you must check out these wonderful blogs. 

My Almost Daily Reads:
I love the COLOR PALETTES they have on this blog.
I love looking at the modest dresses and great reception ideas.

Not just wedding ideas
Eco friendly wedding ideas
Included in my blog list folder but don't always check as often

 This is my list of blogs that I enjoy reading. If you know of anymore that you think are also amazing please let me know.
It's crunch time right now and I'll take all the inspiration and help I can get.

103 days away from the Big Day. 
103 days away from becoming Mr. & Mrs.
Isn't that just CRAZY!!
It's going by so fast.
 I still can't believe it. 

This week's to-do list :
- Get started on my dress alterations
- Find  wedding invitations 
- Go to DTLA with my sister,Jazmin (MOH) and find some amazing wedding deals.
- Meet with my best friend, Jessica (MOH) and figure out cake details.
- Figure out wedding day timeline

Let's see how this week will turn out :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Drum Roll Please.......

 August 27th,

The Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. 

Wedding day has finally been set.
This time it's official!
 Save the Date :)

We originally wanted November 5th,2011. Then just 2 weeks ago we decided to change the date. This means I really need to get started! I thought I was on track and had plenty of time when we had the November date but now I'm behind. EEK! The wedding is in about 4 months!! 
I'm excited! I'm not extremely stressed or anything just nervous. We are starting to figure everything out and having to make final decisions. Putting together our guest list and looking for invitations because they will need to be sent out soon. The best thing about finally having a date set is knowing that my mom is coming! She said that she is going to come in July to help me with the last of the wedding details. She will finally get to see my ring and be with me when I pick up my dress for my final fitting :) It's going to be great!! I can't wait to become JR's wife.

We're Getting Married!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Royal Wedding

 I didn't wake up to watch it live but I did TiVo it and watched it when I came home from work. I was Blown away by the elegance and beauty of Kate.  Her dress was so pretty. I'm not sure if you saw her reception dress but it was also amazing!!  I  loved the 2 quick Kisses they had on the balcony. So cute!!

They make such a beautiful couple. It was so cool to be able to watch a real Royal Wedding. I shed a few tears during the ceremony because I am such a SAP!! I'm a big fan of LOVE. 

I love being in LOVE with this man :)

Things I didn't like about watching the Royal wedding....

I wish we had a Royal budget that way we could rent out the biggest venue we could find and hire the best caterers in town to feed our 500 guests!!!
Okay so we don't have 500 guests but I will admit making a wedding guest list has been the hardest part of all this wedding planning. How do you narrow it down?? How do you get your fiancĂ© to start working on his side of the list??  We wanted to have a very small reception with 50 guests but that didn't work out so well so we have bumped it to 100 . I wish we could invite everyone but we really just can't. We do hope that people will understand that will be having only family and very close friends in attendance.

I need to start working out but I don't since I'm so lazy.
Whats wrong with me!!! I'm not super worried about losing weight or anything but I wish I could just fall asleep and wake up toned. Wouldn't that just be amazing! I'd have the nicest stomach, arms and legs EVER.
I've been telling myself I would start running since I live so close to the rose bowl but I hate running. I'd rather play some type of sport. I miss football. I miss having practice 3 times a week for about 2 hours or longer. I think I'm not motivated enough . I need a work out buddy. I you are reading this and happen to need a work out buddy week day nights or mornings please contact me! I need motivation so I can be hott on my wedding day :) 

I've been thinking about how I plan on doing my hair. For years people have always complemented me on my hair. I love my hair and have been growing it out for the wedding. It's pretty long now so I've been trying to figure out what would look good. I'd love to have my hair down but I always have my hair down so I thought that for a change maybe I can do something different and have an up-do. What do you think?
Here are some ideas I have had.

Up or down?